Since 2017, the West Valley Innovation alliance has hosted over 22+ pitch events supporting technology innovation from entrepreneurs and startups  in Arizona.  The West Valley Has the Tech!

The West Valley Innovation Alliance is a non-profit organization that proudly supports the West Valley.    The West Valley Innovation Alliance develops and supports programs that support tech innovation and entrepreneurship in the west valley.  Innovative companies, entrepreneurs, new and mature businesses along with investors connect to support west valley growth.    The direct impact is positive growth in west valley investments, the workforce pipeline and economic development.

Over 47 tech and entrepreneur businesses have been funded with thru the west valley since 2017.

The events the West Valley Innovation supports are in co-operation with WestMarc, and all 15 west valley cities.     Event sites include: WestMEC, Glendale Community College, Westgate, City of Surprise Tech Accelerator, GCU, ASU West, and other west valley locations.

In existence since 2017 the West Valley Innovation Alliance was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with successful tech exits in valley who recognized the need to create tech innovation programs to would create real interest and support for investors to participate in the west valley ecosystem.

"I am thrilled at we have been able to build over the years.    We were able to assist 47 entrepreneurs with their business plans, funding, and strengthen the ecosystem of the west valley", said Ron Babich, co-founder of the west valley innovation alliance.

Funding Value Created
New Jobs Created

The community impact of new businesses created with the support of West Valley community members is 139 New businesses and growing...