WVIA Accelerator CoHort Bootcamp Workshops 1-8

Market Assesment / Strategy - Workshop 1

Market Workshop
Workshop TitleCodeWorkshop Topics
Market ProblemsBootcamp A100Identify problems in the market. Interviewing customers, recent evaluators and untapped potential customers
Validate urgent problems to show their pervasiveness in the market
Talking to the market, gathering data, detailed independent analysis
Inquisitive and strategic approach toward uncovering persona market problems
Facilitating productive interviews, focus groups and meetings
Creating Presentations
Primary research
Analytical thinking
Data synthesis
Win/Loss AnalysisBootcamp A200Understanding patterns tied to why evaluators did or did not buy a product
Uncover what steps they took in the buying process
Talking to the market, gathering data and doing detailed independent analysis
Objective (not involved in sales effort)
Gaining the trust of sales to evaluate the process, not the salespeople
Strategic thinking
Distinctive CompetenciesBootcamp A300Identify, articulate and leverage the organization’s unique abilities to deliver value to the market
Defining how products are built, delivered, sold and supported
Taking a broader view of how the organization delivers value
Competitive LandscapeBootcamp A400Identify competitive and alternative offerings
Assessing the frame of reference when choosing the comparison universe (i.e., knowing what
kind of problem you’re really solving and what kind of product you’re really offering)
Assess competitive strengths and weaknesses
Developing a strategy for winning against the competition
Talking to the market, data and detailed independent analysis
Strategic thinking
Asset AssessmentBootcamp A500Identify competitive and alternative offerings
Assessing the frame of reference when choosing the comparison universe (i.e., knowing what
kind of problem you’re really solving and what kind of product you’re really offering)
Assess competitive strengths and weaknesses
Developing a strategy for winning against the competition
Talking to the market, data and detailed independent analysis
Strategic thinking

Focus - Workshop 2

Focus Workshop
Workshop TitleCodeWorkshop Topics
Market DefinitionsBootcamp B100Articulating segments using “problem-based segmentation”
Map needs with target markets
Analyze market segments to actively pursue fit/profit
Ensure targeted segments are large enough to support the current and future business of the product
Distribution StrategyBootcamp B200Determine which channels best align with markets’ buying preferences
Research, Understanding, how users want to receive the product and how they want to use the product
Determine the value or incentive for distributors and profitability model
Product PortfolioBootcamp B300Integrate products, services and partners into a set (or portfolio) focused on solving a problem for the market
Manage the portfolio like a product (business plan, positioning, buying process, market requirements and marketing plan)
Product RoadmapBootcamp A400Illustrate the vision and
Define Key phases of deliverables for the product
Roadmap as a prediction, not a commitment
Synthesize market needs with efficient developmental workflows

Business Strategy - Workshop 3

Business Workshop
Workshop TitleCodeWorkshop Topics
Business PlanBoot Camp C100Performing an objective analysis of a potential market opportunity to provide a basis for investment
Articulating the market and quantifying the risk
Including a financial model
Making a go/no go recommendation based on data
PricingBoot Camp C200Establish a pricing model
Pricing schedules
Pricing guidelines
Pricing procedures
other pricing parameters
Buy, Build or PartnerBoot Camp C300Determining the most effective way to deliver a complete solution to the market
Product ProfitabilityBootcamp C400Monitoring and analyzing key performance indicators
Determine how well the product is performing in the market
How results impact the company operations
How it contributes to profit
Segregating internal products or services, instead of revenue or profit, determine success in improved usage or adoption rates
InnovationBoot Camp C500Focusing team creativity on solving market problems
Leveraging your organization’s distinctive competencies
Creating the Free Prize Inside

Planning - Workshop 4

Planning Workshop
Workshop TitleCodeWorkshop Topics
PositioningBoot Camp C100Formulate in-depth understanding of problems by segment and persona
Describe the product by its ability to solve market problems
Create positioning documents by segment and persona for use in external messaging
Buyer ExperienceBoot Camp C200Research and document the buying process target personas use to select a product
Create/Document understanding of the barriers that buyers encounter during their selection process
Create a buyer’s journey map
Assess available tools and support that align with each step of the buying process
Buyer PersonasBoot Camp C300Define typical buyers involved in the purchase of company products and services
Create and share persona documents for each buyer type
Communicate Understanding of win/loss and market interviews
Trend-spotting from interviews with all components of market
Making the persona “come alive” to all parts of the organization, keeping fresh and relevant
User PersonasBootcamp C400Define the users of products or services.
Q: Who do you need to solve problems for?
Use ScenariosBoot Camp C500Illustrating market problems with the problem in context
Create problem-based requirements
Document, provide context on how the problem shows up in a day in the life of the user
Stakeholder CommunicationsBoot Camp C600
Managing proactive communications with relevant stakeholders from strategy through execution (Board, Team, Investors, Departments)
Providing relevant, timely, and easy to consume updates to all internal and external audiences
Define key metrics and goals related to project progress and success
Measure and report on progress toward metrics and goals

Programs - Workshop 5

Programs Workshop
Workshop TitleCodeWorkshop Topics
Marketing PlanBoot Camp C100
Defining strategies and programs that generate awareness and leads for the upcoming fiscal period—including measurements and goals.
Revenue GrowthBoot Camp C200Creating detailed, scalable model plans and budgets for selling products and services to new customers
Revenue RetentionBoot Camp C300
Defining detailed plans and budgets for ensuring customer loyalty and selling/upselling additional products and services to existing customers
LaunchBootcamp C400Defining specific launch goals and strategies
Developing launch plans and supporting documentation
Ensuring cross-organizational readiness
Tracking and communicate launch status
AwarenessBoot Camp C500Creating / Delivering thoughtful information to influence key market constituents
Influence key audiences via strong content
Delivering presentations to internal and external audiences
Building Thought Leadership Content/Channels
NurturingBoot Camp C300Developing a lead nurturing process turning prospects into satisfied customers.
Upselling /Cross-selling existing customers on new products and services
AdvocacyBootcamp C400Identifying customers willing to participate in testimonials, case studies or reference accounts
Capture and share stories of customer success
Utilize advocates in a variety of programs including event and thought leadership
MeasurementBoot Camp C500Measure and tune product efforts to ensure alignment with corporate goals

Enablement - Workshop 6

Enablement Workshop
Workshop TitleCodeWorkshop Topics
Sales AlignmentBoot Camp F100Aligning the organization’s selling process to the buying process.
Describing information needs for key personas at each step in the process
Aligning sales support content to various stages of the sales process
Creating Sales Process Workflow
Aligning Funnel Stages
Sales ToolsBoot Camp F200Creating tools for salespeople
Focusing on a step by step tools of the selling process
Channel TrainingBoot Camp F300
Designing and delivering training programs to help sales channels focus on how to sell the product, (not how to use it)

Support - Workshop 7

Support (Internal/External) Workshop
Workshop TitleCodeWorkshop Topics
ProgramsBoot Camp G100Providing market and solution information to support internal and external marketing programs
Providing market understanding and positioning to align with corporate goals
OperationsBoot Camp G200Providing market and solution information to support the operations group
EventsBoot Camp C300Providing product and market expertise for events: conferences, tradeshows, webinars and seminars.
Street Credibility
Industry Understanding
ChannelsBootcamp C400Providing ongoing support for the sales channel.
Identifying opportunities to make support more repeatable

Funding - Workshop 8

Funding Workshop
Workshop TitleCodeWorkshop Topics
EquityBoot Camp H100Co-founder equity split
Shares for others
Vesting schedules
BudgetBoot Camp H200First year budget
3-year P&L projections (funded/not-funded)
ValuationBoot Camp H300Exit Valuation
Size of the Prize
Preparing for LaunchBootcamp H400Educating Yourself
Defining the Business Concept
Perform a Reality Check
Strategic Landscape
Developing the Plan
Getting Feedback on Your Plan
Testing the Market
Start the BusinessBootcamp H500Incorporate as a Delaware C Corp
A Good Lawyer
Divide Equity
Being part of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Grow the BusinessBootcamp H600Recruit Top-Flight Talent.
Recruit Your Board of Directors and Advisors.
Consider Outsourcing.
Make the Most of Professional Help
Choose Your Supporting Services.
Manage Your Business With Analytics…on Everything.
Establish and Manage Your Credit Prof le.
Set Up Your Employee Stock Option Plan
Identify and Attract Investors.
Learn How to Pitch
Preparing for Due Diligence Is a Perpetual Activity.
Raise Funds Through Online Platforms.
Manage Your Investors.
Manage the End GameBootcamp H700Head for the Exit.