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Advancing Esports Big Game 2023

Gaming, Technology, Coding, Education, and the Business of eSports

The City of Glendale is hosting this one-day national conference for Gamers, Coders, Business Leaders, Developers and Companies supporting the continuing growth of the business of esports.

Esports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Watched by millions, Esports events and tournaments are top of the list for universities, classrooms, and business sponsorship across America.

This event provides in-depth insight into the esports audience, its benefits to business, the workforce pipeline and the economic impact of eSports to communities.


Advancing Esports Big Game 2023

"Gaming Reception - Building a Gaming Hub in the West Valley"


General Session

9:30 AM Part 1: The Future of Web 3.0

10:20 AM Part 2: Building a Gaming Hub in the West Valley

11:05 AM Keynote: This is Why Your Kids Watch So Much YouTube - The Future of Entertainment

11:30 AM Lunch Networking (Sponsored)

12:15 PM Professional Athletes Gaming Panel


Track 1 Gaming Creators

1:15 PM Arizona Creator Meetup

1:15 PM Sponsored Keynote

1:30 PM "AZ Content Creator Meet-Up

Gathering of Arizona-based gaming-related content creators for meet-ups

The largest community of streamers, game developers, cosplayers, and fans located in Arizona"


Track 2 Pitch Play Competition

1:15 PM Sponsored Keynote

1:30 PM Pitch Kick Off

1:40 PM Pitch Presentations

3:00 PM Award Announcements

3:15 PM Investor 1-on-1’s, Coaching

Get READY TO Pitch!

Pitch Competition Entry – Big Game 2023

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