Advancing Construction Innovation

2022 has been a time for contractors across the nation to refocus on driving internal efficiencies and optimizing project delivery services to come first in the race to win more work. Technology is playing a critical role in supporting productivity, connectivity, and safety across all projects, but it’s about selecting the right tools and use cases to maximize ROI.

The Inaugural Advancing Construction Innovation 2022 in Phoenix AZ is set to connect hundreds of Technology, Operations, & Innovation Leaders from contractors nationwide to share the A-Z of the most impactful implementations revolutionizing connectivity, safety, and profitability at every stage of construction.

From achieving interoperability to maximizing ROI of existing tools and systems, you will learn from the honest experiences of leading industry practitioners and walk away with the insights needed to optimize your own technology strategy, sustain innovation, and enhance jobsite connectivity in the digital age.

Who Should Attend:

  • Construction Owners, EPCM’s and Contractors

  • Project Managers, Supervisors, CFO’s, COO’s, Project Controls, Estimators, Schedulers, Safety and Risk Mangers.

  • Mining, Infrastructure, Specialty, Energy, Oil and Gas, Utility, Mechanical, Pavement and other Subcontractor Contractor trades.


  • December 9th, 2022,  12:00PM-4:15PM 


  • WestMec Education -  5487 N 99th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85305Advancing Construction Innovation





The Future of Project Connectivity in Construction

Connected construction technology allows real-time data collection and transmission between the jobsite and project managers in the back office. Mobile and Cloud-based solutions enable on-site employees to submit timecards, expense reports, requests for information (RFIs), work records, and other verified documentation. Join the discussion on how construction leaders save hundreds of hours per year in data entry and automatically organize critical files. Learn how leading owners, EPCM’s and contractors leverage new workflows to improve profits. 


RFID, Scan, and Mobility in Construction

Increasing demands for speed and efficiency in the face of greater complexity of modern construction projects have given rise to the need for innovative methods in construction management. Today, there are higher standards for successful construction project management (CPM); traditional success criteria for CPM have been broadened from cost, quality, and time (known as PM triangle) to include safety and environment. Project Managers are required to make better decisions to align materials, labor, and machinery based on the information available. Join industry leaders for a discussion on leading RFID, Scan and Mobility techniques from industry peers.

2:30 PM

Project Controls, Progress, Productivity, and Earned Value

Data collection and analytics has come to the fore of the construction industry as supply-chain and price volatility continue to impact productivity, while new factors such as cross-industry benchmarking and best practice in program delivery provide additional complexity.

The ability for project control teams to take a more proactive and integrated approach is more important than ever.

Join leading project controls teams to uncover how they are building the right skillsets and integrated standards to drive productivity, improve proactive decision making and enhance the value of project controls for your organization.


2:55 PM

Construction Analytics

Access to data and analytics enable construction companies insight into business and specific project performance. Making data-driven decisions, improves project quality, efficiency and bottom lines. 

Without construction data analytics, trends are left unidentified, preventable problems materialize and extra time and money are spent on reporting, planning and forecasting. 

Risk management data is increasingly important in construction.  When data is used to inform decision-making, risk management processes are  more effective, ultimately leading to cost-savings and increased safety.  Join a host of peers to identify best practices in construction analytics impacting job costs, risk, and safety.

330 PM

Navigating Captives

In the conventional insurance market, construction insurance coverages are available, but can be extremely limited. Inconsistencies in coverage and policy triggers from insurer to insurer put business owners in precarious situations: they often pay more to obtain full, comprehensive coverage.

With captive insurance, construction business owners can insure risks, utilize more comprehensive coverages, and mitigate the potential for serious financial and operational losses.

Join leading construction peers for insight in the best ways to navigate Captive programs. 

4:00 PM

Closing Remarks